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This well-balanced, complex, and smooth single-origin organic coffee represents some of the exceptional characteristics of African coffee. Often regarded as one of the finest coffees in the world, it has a delicate earthy flavor and berry-like acidity. The subtle light roast exhibits gentle almond nuances with balanced acidity and a medium body that preserves the intensely sweet notes and creamy finish of this coffee.


Roast Body: Mild

Roast Level: Light-Medium

Tasting Notes: Sweet Lemon, Cream, Tart Berries

Altitude: 6,500 ft

Ingredients: 100% Organic Fair Trade Arabica Coffee

Cooperative Grown: This coffee is produced by the Shoye Cooperative, which is dedicated to helping farmers learn and utilize methods of sustainable agriculture, production, and organic farming.

Feel good knowing that your healthy coffees are also helping to protect the future of our environment. Each Epic Grounds product is sustainably sourced and removes more carbon from the atmosphere than was genereated in farming, creating, and shipping it to your door. You get delicious, healthy coffee while everyone gets a greener, healthier planet.

We also proudly give back on every sale by pledging 1% toward regenerative environmental initiatives that drive progress from the ground up.

Together, we can change the world, one coffee at a time.

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